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Easter Speckled Egg Cake

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Hi everyone! Sorry its been forever since i last posted, actually now that i think about it, its been a year! Yikes!!! So much has happened since then!!
Happy late easter!! This past weekend being EAster, i made an Easter cake! Somewhere online i saw a speckled egg cake and thought it was supper cute! and instantly wanted to make it! and guess what i did! its really simple basically all you need is a really yummy cake and frosting  recipe, ( i used the BEST white cake from<—–this is the best blog ever!! she has the yummiest recipes that you’ll love!!!photo-8

FIRST: Get your recipes from!!!!
SECOND: Follow all the instructions to make icing and bake cake.
THIRD: Let cake cool, and place on a pretty cake stand using a tad bit of frosting in the middle of the stand to secure the cake from moving.
FOURTH: Use  sky blue food coloring to tint the frosting( remember a little goes a long way:)). And frost the cake(if prefer crumb-coat cake first) . Place frosted cake in fridge.
FIFTH: For the chocolate paint you can either use 1tbs of cocoa powder and 1 1/2 tbs vanilla mixed together or you could simply just use melted chocolate.
SIXTH: Now heres the messy yet FUN part! Use a kitchen brush ( i used the silicone kind) and dip it into your chocolate paint. Then you can really just fling it at the cake creating a speckled look. Your done when ever you feel your speckeled egg cake is speckled enough to your liking! also you may want to lay something out on you counter because this does get messy!  don’t forget an apron!
SEVENTH: Top the cake with eggs! you can use plastic or even hardboiled but personal id go with any chocolate form! Such as Reese’s egg, snicker eggs, or Cadbury creme eggs:) i LOVE candy!

Eighth: the most important step.  EAT AND ENJOY!!!!!

love your cupcake love’n friend,



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  1. This is the most beautiful cake I’ve ever seen! So creative, too 🙂 You are a true artist! Love you!

  2. Thank you! I love you more!:)
    love, m:)


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