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Homemade P.B. Cups!

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homemade p.b. cups!

So by now you guys should know how much i LOVE peanut butter! One of my all time favorite candy’s is a Reese’s cup (especially the holiday versions with the egg, hearts, pumpkins, trees, footballs, ect. i personally think they’re a little bit fresher tasting)! i mean who doesnt like the perfect combination of chocolate and PEANUT BUTTER!!! if you’re one of those people who DON”T like it well lets just be honest you’re crazy!! Well i guess i can understand if your allergic now that im thinking about it, one of the top allergies is peanuts so sorry if i just offened you peanut allergic people. your not crazy ! in fact I’m probably the one sounding ……….crazy 🙂 oh well crazy is a good thing! i think. anyways my point is peanut butter cups are awesome (unless your allergic then they’re deadly) !!!! Reese’s are so easy to make your own home made version of! and they’re so much fun to make and eat! you can even customize them by adding stuff in them or topping them with fun sprinkles to look pretty! one of my favorites is taking a gram cracker and breaking it into smaller pieces to stick inside the p.b. cup and let me tell you its A-m-a-z-i-n-g ! another one of my favorite treats is a chocolate, Peanut butter covered gram cracker! they’re amazing! so by sticking the bit of gram cracker in ,its like a mini delish version! Try it ,it’s so good!!!! anyways back to the main recipe here just  a simple p.b. cup and thats really what it is SIMPLE!!!!  plus they’re way healthier, especially if you use dark chocolate!


Chocolate Chips

Coconut oil

Peanut butter      ( unless your allergic )

* if desires add gram crackers, pretzels, etc.*

Step 1: In a microave safe bowl, melt chocolate chips in 30 sec intervals until melted .

Step 2: Stir melted chocolate and mix in some coconut oil. ( it creates a “magic shell” which basically hardens fast when cold)

Step 3: Use whatever size cupcake liners you want ,i prefer mini because i find its the perfect size! fill the bottom and try to coat the sides with chocolate. then put in freeze to harden.

Step 4: Take out after a few minutes, then place a preferred amount of P.B. in the center and top with more chocolate. (before placing top chocolate coat put in desired gram cracker anything else). Place in freezer for a few minutes to harden.

Step 5: Take out of freezer and pop one in your mouth to enjoy!

love your cupcake love’n friend,



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  1. I’ll take 2, please! Make it 3 :p

  2. 5 sounds good to me!!!


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